Basic Tips to Find Authentic Resources for the Literature Review in Master’s Dissertation

If you have been assigned to write a literature review for your master’s dissertation, it is important that you take this task seriously and work on it in the most efficient manner to succeed in class. A literature review can be tough to write if you do not have any prior experience of working on it and you do not know how to work on a literature in such a manner to come up with the really good review.

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Teachers assign the literature review writing task at masters level because they want to see how well the students have read or understood a particular literature, how well they are able to review it and if their reviews and ideas are most authentic and academic. In order to impress the teacher, you must not only go through the literature that has been presented for review but also come up with the most authentic and reliable resources that will help you find more information about the writer, his or her intention in writing this literature and how this literature has become so popular over a period of time.


This article is a guide for students as it offers them some basic tips to find authentic resources for literature review in master’s dissertation and how to accomplish this task the right way.


The first and the most important thing for you to do in this regard is to check out the related books and they will help you get a good idea of the Literature and what prompted the author to write it. It is because when you are reviewing a literature you must keep in mind that time the situation as well as other important factors that gave the writer to come up with it.


When reviewing a literature it is very important that you understand the ideas and themes that have been used by the writer and how they have been placed in the content. It will give you an idea what thoughts and ideas the writer is trying to tell you and with this, you can look for the resources to be used in your paper. Unless you conduct some out of context study and go through the thing in detail you will not be able to come up with authentic resources to use for your literature review masters dissertation.


When looking for authentic resources for literature review in master’s dissertation, it is important that you if go through teacher’s guidelines and instructions and keep them in mind because they provide ideas and hands about some other authors as well as research that was conducted regarding the assignment. You must go through the notes and consult what information they contain so that you are able to find the best resources and use them for coming up with a very impressive literature review.


You must check out the references if the author of the book has used for inspiration and you can go through them too and it will give you a good idea about authentic resources of that time and you will be able to do a good job on your paper.



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