The main reason why students choose to go for a hep in terms of getting done their assignment by someone else is the shortage of time. Sometimes is too short that seems difficult for a student to complete his assignment. The problem of a short deadline can occur for anyone especially for students with part-time jobs have some extra activity schedule on days as well. The third main reason is the laziness so if anyone is from this category then I would suggest you work on yourself first so you can deal with procrastination. Let me leave the discussion of procrastination on some other day because today the issue is ‘dealing with the shortest deadline of 24 hours to your assignment’.

There are plenty of online academic writing service providers who offer customize services on your affordability but when it comes to the short deadline they apply terms and conditions with high prices. So another issue occurs in accordance to get help from an online assignment writing service to do your assignment is high price and compromise on your quality. There are many writing services those offer their services on the guarantee of success or in another case they are liable to pay back your money with minor deductions. In case of short deadline, the terms and condition section of their webpage has the surprise for you that they would not be responsible for the success of defined shortest deadline.

So here you need to think about a few points in regards to get help for shortest deadline even of 24 hours (although there are very few who provide professional writing services even with those so-called terms and conditions for such shortest deadline);

  • Find an online service provider instead of an individual on online freelancing websites.
  • Check the experience of the online service provider in the delivery of short deadline assignment with the guarantee of success and in this regards you can visit Google review forums related to the services. The simplest and most reliable option in this regards is choosing a service that your friend or mate has already used.
  • Read terms and conditions for short deadline assignment and go for a service that is offering affordable service even for the shortest deadline.

Here you are thinking that you already have a short deadline then how and why to spend too much time on searching above information and for this purpose there are some tips;

  • Do it in advance, means if this is not the time when you have a short deadline or you have just submitted an assignment with a short deadline and looking for an option for future then you are doing great!
  • For second option you can easily ask your friend or classmates for reliable and affordable service for short deadline
  • And thirdly for reading terms and conditions you can find relevant information through keywords from a long webpage containing many terms and conditions

Finally, if you do not have even a single more minute to go for research then find the links of best writing services recommended on this page.


After writing down any kind of the academic paper, it is an unavoidable thing for you to edit it in order to make it free from the mistakes. The basic aim of editing is to correct, condensate, and organize the writing material. The basic aim of the editing process is to ensure that your material is written according to the given requirements, to improve the efficiency of the writing, and to ensure that your material is written with the help of the best logic. Here, we will provide some essential tips to the students that are helpful for them to edit and re-edit the material for the several times.

  • Analyze the overall structure

Before going to edit and re-edit the material for the several times, you should analyze the overall structure of the academic paper. The most important tips to analyze the overall structure of your assignment are given below;

  1. After writing down the best quality academic paper, the students should try to spend some time on socializing.
  2. If you have written your academic paper in the MS Word, then you should try to edit it by printing it out.
  3. You should try to read out this important piece of writing without making any changing it.
  4. While editing the material, you should try to think like the audience members.
  5. There is no need to edit the material as a whole. You should try to revise it in the chapter or the section wise.
  6. While reading out the best material, you should check out the tone and voice of the material
  7. Try to check out each sentence of your writing. There is no need to use the passive voice sentences instead of the active voice sentences in your writing material.
  8. Anyhow, if you are not able to edit your academic paper in an effective way, then you can get help from the essay writing services.
  • Checking for the clarity and style

Your academic paper should be written in a clear way. Moreover, the style of the writing should also be such that it should be easily understandable to the audience. You can check out the clarity and the style of the writing material in the following ways;

  1. You should take a review of all the factual mistakes of your writing and try to remove all of them
  2. If there are some awkward sentences in your writing, then you should try to rephrase these awkward sentences.
  3. You should try to take a print of each paragraph on the individual basis
  4. In order to write down your academic paper in the logical order, you should try to organize it in an effective way
  5. There is no place of any kind of the irrelevant content in your writing
  • Proofreading your writing

While editing and re-editing your writing material for the several times, it is an unavoidable thing for you to proofread the material. You can proofread the writing material easily by following these tips;

  1. You should try to proofread the writing material in such a way that one kind of the mistakes should be treated at a time
  2. There should be no chance of spelling mistakes in your writing
  3. You should also look for the punctuation and some other types of the common mistakes of the words in your academic paper