PhD Thesis Writing HelpPhD is the highest qualification for a student but it is not easy to obtain the degree because it requires a certain level of knowledge, deep research and writing skills at the same time. Though thesis writing is a challenging process for undergraduate and masters’ students but writing a PhD thesis is toughest because;

  1. Length of Dissertation: In college you have to write a dissertation of between 10,000 words to 20,0000 words but for a PhD thesis usually student have to go for 80,000 to 100,000 which is itself a challenge because it need more time and energy.
  2. Depth of Knowledge: PhD is a specialization in a the certain area of a discipline so the student has to conduct an in-depth research so it is necessary that is student is not only fully equipped with research and writing skills but also has command on his/her area of research.
  3. Good Command on Language and Grammar: after you have completed your desk research or primary research it comes to the final write up. You need highest level of writing skills and good command on language and grammar.
  4. Professors are strict: Professors off course demand higher standard in terms of research and writing as they check each of your draft thoroughly.


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