Some Essay Questions That You Should Know Before Start Writing

The nature of the essay’s questions depends upon the type of the essay. Different types of essays have different ways to think the questions. In this article, we will provide you some common question that you should always keep in mind to write any type of essay. and get help from online assignment writing services These questions are given below;

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  • What is asked in this essay?

To understand the essay’s question is the most important one. By understanding the question of the essay, you will be better able to write your essay. If you don’t understand your essay’s question clearly then you will find difficulty to write your essay. In this regard, to understand the essay’s question is as important as to write an essay.

  • What is the type of essay?

There are different types of essays like Narrative, Descriptive, Persuasive and Expository. These types of essays are written differently. In this way, before starting to write an essay, you should also know the type of your essay. For example, in narrative essay, we tell a story and in expository essay, we provide the facts. In this way, if a topic of narrative essay is given and we write an expository essay on it then it will not be true.

  • What is your purpose to write this essay?

Every essay has a purpose to write. Therefore, we should also keep in mind the purpose. For example, if you write an essay to get admission in the college then you will need to focus on the admission board in this essay. Your essay should meet the criteria of the admission board. On the other hand, if you are given an assignment to write an essay then you will need to plan your essay to get the grades from your supervisor.

  • How to plan and research your essay?

Before writing the essay, you should do the planning for your essay. You should make an outline for your essay. After making the outline, you should start your research by following this outline. If you don’t make an outline for your essay before writing the essay then you will not be able to write your essay in an accurate way. In this way, before writing an essay the methodology of research should also be selected. We should select either we will collect the data by qualitative research or quantitative research.

  • To what extent do you agree?

After clearly understanding the question of your essay, the next step is to make an argument statement. This argument statement depends upon your thoughts about that topic. You will need to write the aspects to agree with the topic of essay in this argument statement. After giving the argument statement, the next step is to prove this statement by giving the three or four key points. You will also need to provide the examples to prove these key points true.


These are some simple questions that we should keep in mind before writing an essay.